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I Coach coaches & entrepreneurs on how to Build F.A.M.E.. The type of F.A.M.E. that helps them build and maintain a 5 figure income month after month. If you are a coach or want to become a well paid coach, the F.A.M.E. System is absolutely, positively the fastest way to $10,000, $25,000, even $50,000/month.

Industry not important. (Life Coach, Marketing Coach, Dating Coach, etc.)

Imagine The Following:

  • Having a coaching business that gives you the freedom to enjoy your fun and family time more.

  • Knowing you have a marketing system that attracts your ideal clients to you. The first time I did this it was all offline. The Internet just makes it easier.

  • Confidently speaking in front of an audience and knowing you can effortlessly close 20% or more of the room, even when you offer a $5,000 coaching package. I Know, because I did it month after month.

    — Now Imagine you don’t have to sit through a guru spouting off for 3 days, 3 times/year (That costs you $25,000-$30,000/year plus travel expenses) about what THEY want to share with you; or you’re not stuck waiting 6-12 weeks for THE weekly group call that is less money (On Average $1500-$2500/course) to join, but still just gives you oversimplified steps and leaves you with tons of questions.—

    Well that all needs to change. I’m Going to take The Jump Start Coaching Academy System to a very personal level.

All 1-on-1 and Very Small Group Intensive Coaching

Why? I’ve created a system of coaching that accelerates results and I’m going to help more people get results quicker. No more of you coaches being told by the gurus that you must join their group coaching program, listen to generic material, and wait 6-12 weeks before you can extract what works for you, AND Then, you must pay even more for any personal coaching, usually by one of their employees! 

OH YEA, and they then tell you that in order for you to leverage your time you must teach group classes, and therefore join a group class! The concept is fine, the problem is, after I had over 100 conversations with coaches that join those “masterminds/group coaching” programs, almost everyone of them was still earning less than a full time income from coaching. See a Problem with that? I did, and I’m willing to suck it up, spend more time with you directly so YOU CAN Finally Get the Results You’ve Always Wanted. 

You’ll complete this Coaching knowing exactly how to:

  • Earn a consistent 5 figure coaching income every month.

  • You’ll know how to get a celebrity jump start as an author, a quoted expert in national media, and how to pitch the media for radio and T.V. appearances.

  • You’ll have a high end coaching package and sales system that attracts highly targeted clients to your business. Don’t have a $2500-$10,000 program? I’ll help you sculpt the perfect one for you in our time together.

  • You’ll know how to close the sale without being pushy and we’ll work on the exact script that works best for you.

  • You Won’t feel like you have to buy more courses to learn the “hottest” new marketing strategy (If you have a system that works, why keep spending money on the newest fad?)

  • Use Social Media without wasting hours of your life.

  • You will have a precise structure for your presentations, whether you use it as a webinar or live seminar, and you’ll know how to make an impossible to pass up offer at the end.

JumpStart Coaching Academy

Because I’ll be spending a great deal of time with you, I want to make sure you are committed, have the time to work on assignments I give you, and basically are a coach that delivers value to your clients. I’ll also expect you to be selling your higher end coaching services by the end of the time we work together. (In other words, earn back your investment before the program is finished)

 I want, and can only handle 5-10 people at a time.

Here’s the deal, this is a serious investment of time and money. I will interview you first to see where you’re at currently in your business, and where you want to be in the future. If it makes sense for you both financially and time-wise, I’ll invite you to work with me. If not, I’ll give you some great advise and ideas to work on until you are able to commit to your success at this level.

Reality Check: This Takes Work to Build a System that is Perfect For You. If you still believe in push button easy and the tooth fairy, please don’t fill out the form to schedule a call.

Every step is customized to you. This absolutely IS NOT some group coaching that offers generic “how to” info.

My goal is to teach you so well that you’ll never feel like you have to buy every new course that comes out, and you won’t have to pay $25,000-$50,000 to be “included” in a mastermind group that is really just a guru spouting off “big idea info” and not ever spending any real 1-on-1 time with you.

My Goal is to set you free, even from me!


Mark ReachMark Reach

The Highest Paid Coach You’ll Never See.

Joined his VIP club, had my first 1-on-1 call and he completely blew my mind. His insight into real world high end coaching is so much deeper than every $25,000 mastermind I’ve ever belonged to that I was freaked out a little. (you have to experience the expensive gurus and Jim and then see for yourself how trapped you are and how free he can set you, your mind and your business)

I dipped my toe into a very crowded niche, I have people pursuing me, and closing 5 figure coaching packages without feeling pushy is awesome for me

Carol WainCarol Wain

Business Transformation Consultant, #CustomerExperience and #EmployeeExperience Specialist, Author and Speaker.

I spent >$30,000 on multi-day live events, online group training and coaching to grow my business in 2012 and most of that was generic information for the “masses” that bogged me down rather than helping.

Jim’s coaching gave me more actionable and results-producing insight in 2 hours than all off these events combined.

Jim takes his wealth of knowledge, years of experience and his “kick-in-the-ass” martial arts training and combines it into a coaching plan that works specifically for you. Most importantly you can and do implement the plan, which produces the results you desire.

I almost don’t want to share him..

Jason OmanJason Oman

Author of ‘Unlimited Home Business Success’​ at Jason Oman’s Success Education

Jim is a TRUE superstar in every sense of the word! Any chance you have to get his help or learn from him is something you should JUMP on in a heartbeat! He truly knows what he’s talking about and he gets results!

Dr Donald A Ozello DC

Dr Donald A Ozello DC
Owner & Treating Doctor at Championship Chiropractic

Jump Start Jim is an expert in marketing, social media and business growth. His knowledge and experience is extremely impressive. Every time I speak to Jim I walk away with a handful of creative ideas I can implement into my business marketing plan. I highly recommend Jump Start Jim Chianese.

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