Are You A Coach and Want to Earn a Consistent $10,000, $25,000, or more every month? (Yes, $6 figures/mo is possible, but lets get real here, most coaches haven’t earned that much in a year. – If you want hype this is the wrong site for you.)

Imagine being able to almost completely ELIMINATE the following?: Endless Social Media Posts, SEO, affiliate marketing, Blogging, Website Headaches, Video Production, Networking Meetings, and the Unending Need to Create Content for the Sales Funnel that seems to only work for 1% of the population?

Then you add in a whole bunch of personalized attention to discover your strengths and how to craft your presentation to maximize every part of your sales and marketing message?

Topics for the Celebrity Jump Start Coaching System:

  1. Why Be a Celebrity, How to be the A.C.E. – Authority, Celebrity, Expert in your industry.
  2. Mindset, Mind Shift, and Mind Swing, How You’re Holding Yourself Back by Charging Too Little
  3. Being You; How Your Personality can Sell More than Your Marketing
  4. How to make a 6 figure income without a website, why have the headaches if you don’t have to have one?
  5. What is The Ultimate Lifestyle Business and why You need to build one
  6. How Social Media can be used to earn 6 figures or kill your income, the Truth about Social and Media
  7. Who is SAM and the secrets behind the 6 and 7 figure gurus
  8. Buzz Tools – Beyond Social Media
  9. The True Secret to Your Success, The Sales Process And Presentation for those of us that Hate to Sell
  10. Write a Book in as little as 1 Day: How I Landed a $50,000 Contract and How I Got to Drive a Free Car for 2 years…with a Rough Draft
  11. The Best Salesperson in Your Company, Your Customer; Referral Marketing the Celebrity Jump Start Method
  12. Flipping the Ancient Product Funnel Model, Be a Celebrity, Be Everywhere, Sell Easier. How my Client went from Zero to $105,000/month in 7 months by Flipping Their Funnel

Okay…so there are 12 full modules, and you will learn more than many of the $30,000/year “mastermind groups” will ever teach, but the real secret…You’ll learn how to pick and choose what is right for you to focus on and not be overwhelmed by too much information. The secret: 1-on-1 and small group coaching.

This is a 3 months Intensive Combination of Small Group and 1-on-1 Coaching Program, Plus a Done for You Service with Your Name Guaranteed to Appear in Syndication on major media affiliates like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and CNN.


Carol Wain Carol Wain: Specializes in leveraging relationships, resources, expertise and budgets.

I spent more than $30,000 on multi-day live events, online group training and coaching to grow my business in 2012 and most of that was generic information for the “masses” that bogged me down rather than helping. 

Jim’s coaching gave me more actionable and results-producing insight in 2 hours than all of these events combined. 

Jim takes his wealth of knowledge, years of experience and his “kick-in-the-ass” martial arts training and combines it into a coaching plan that works specifically for you. Most importantly you can and do implement the plan, which produces the results you desire. I almost don’t want to share him.

Jason Oman Jason Oman: #1 Best-Selling Author & TV Success Story 

Jim Chianese is an elite entrepreneurial rock star! He truly understands how to create results and make amazing things happen! If you have the chance to benefit from his services or work with him in any capacity I highly recommend it! You’ll be glad you did for sure! 

 To see if Celebrity Jump-Start Training is Right for You, Call 702-979-4Jim (4546) or connect with me at JumpStartJim @ gmail dot com      Just leave out the spaces;-)  This is a casual conversation, no “Strategy Session” that’s really a sales pitch. We can brainstorm a little, and I’ll ask you some direct questions. 

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